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We pride ourselves for the quality and diversity of our furniture. As well as the massive variety in shape and sizes of the pieces available, we offer a fabulous range of exclusive finishes on over 200 lines of solid pine furniture.

Some ranges are pre-finished. Such pieces are only available in a specific finish that best reflects their individual style and character. However, since we stock all our pine furniture in a raw state, we are able to offer a range of waxed, lacquered and painted furniture that is a bespoke option for you. Here we describe the processes and offer a visual display of the different subtleties.

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No finish.

Raw Timber: ITW
For those wishing to apply their own unique finish to their furniture, numerous lines are available in raw timber ( I.T.W.---in the white ).

Standard finishes

lLacquer Finish Lacquer: This hard wearing, resilient, low maintenance, smooth lacquer finish is an ideal choice for the lover of pine furniture in its most familiar form. This coating enables the surfaces to be wiped down and is ideal for an environment of chocolate fingers and spillages. Finish: Wax Wax: A wax finish will compliment both contemporary & traditional furniture. Waxing enhances the character of the piece and gives a warm nourished feel. The standard wax finish is steeped with the tradition of treating the timber and simultaneously obtaining a sheen. Periodically, re-waxing will keep the piece looking rich and attractive.
Finish: Abbey Wax Abbeywax: Provides a rich and ‘toasted’ appearance and is a classic colour that exudes richness from every part of the grain. Periodically, re-waxing will keep the piece looking rich and attractive.
Special finishes.    
Finish: Parchment PT1 Parchment: It is true that every single piece of parchment is unique due to the fact the secret lays in the individual nature of the timber grain. The mixture of the paint and a special agent creates a ‘marbling’ effect that’s in a class of it’s own and a very sophisticated presentation of contrast. Finish: Antique Ivory PT6 Antique Ivory: A complex process of multi coatings and subtle rubbing back between applications. The light and refreshing appearance of the ivory colour bended with the random exposure of the undercoat offers a beautiful mixture of past and present.
Finish: Old Lace PT2 Old Lace: This is an elegant cream with a hint of patina to enrich the maturity of this coating. The process was developed especially for those who like a hint of ageing but do not want a distressed finish. Finish: Milkwood PT7 Milkwood: This is all about contrast and can be applied to furniture where we are able to remove tops and treat them separately. The creamy vanilla of the milkwood can be dressed with a choice of Lacquered pine, Abbeywax, Standard wax or Chestnut. A bold statement finish without compromise.
Finish: PT3 Chestnut PT3 Chestnut: A warm Antique brown with a smooth and resilient lacquer finish. This is effectively the Abbeywax tone within the added protection of a lacquered coating. Finish:PT8 Grey Mist PT8 Grey Mist: A tranquil finish that blends so individually with any existing decor.
Finish: PT4 Milkwood Contrast PT4 Milkwood Contrast: This is all about contrast and can be applied to furniture where we are able to remove knobs and tops and treat them separately. The creamy vanilla of the Milkwood can be dressed with a choice of lacquered pine, Abbeywax, Standard Wax or Chestnut. A bold statement fi nish without compromise. Please note that only the tops and knobs of the furniture are available to contrast. Finish: PT9 Snow White PT9 Snow White: Normally found on MDF furniture that by nature has ultra smooth surfaces. However we have bowed to repeated requests to coat our pine furniture with this finish. Purchasers should note though, that surface profiles of the timber underneath will be pronounced.
Finish: PT5 Buttermilk PT5 Buttermilk: This is a mission for the Finisher. The goal is to create a piece of furniture with inbuilt antiquity and class. In preparation, a few ‘signature’ worm holes are created and very slight distressing is applied to one or two corners. Then we apply a magical process that leaves a vintage hallmark of shading. Finish: PT10 Antique White PT10 Antique White: The popularity of the Antique Ivory coating has prompted many customers to request an even whiter appearance whilst retaining the character of the subtle and rundown application of mild distressing.
Finish: PT11 Midnight Lace PT11 Midnight Lace: Dark, warm and moody...this finish almost pouts at you as the milk chocolate colour is subtely revealed through the veil of the dark chocolate exterior.    
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